Posted by: cranky | September 14, 2007

Spectacular Running Backs

One of the announcers for the West Virginia v. Maryland game last night compared Noel Devine to Barry Sanders.  I saw just two of his five runs from scrimmage.  The second run that I saw was for 70 yards and he would have scored if the Maryland defender had not horse collared him at the one-yard line.

On the 70-yard jaunt, he made two or three moves (hard to tell because he is so quick) at the line of scrimmage that left the defenders helpless on the ground.  Five carries for 136 yards.

He’s a freshman.  His quarterback and backfield partner are legitimate Heisman candidates.  Noel Devine will be gathering Heisman attention for himself soon.  Maybe not this season but surely in the future.

Number 7 is a special player.  West Virginia has a rich backfield.



  1. I was watching ‘Mad Men’ and missed the game. I think Maryland was nationally ranked briefly in ’05 if I’m not mistaken. maybe not so much this year.

    Also, as a high school kid I had a part time job at U of M’s Turner Laboratory of Dairy Science. (we served ice cream- I got fired for making my ice cream cones too big.)

  2. Defenses are going to have a really tough time with the West Virginia offense.

    Too much ice cream in an ice cream cone is a fireable offense? I will guess that the supervisor you had went on to have a miserable life.

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