Posted by: cranky | September 12, 2007

Shepard Smith wishes you a Happy Ramadan

This fucking asshole needs to have an accident.

Closing his show tonight he wished those watching a “Happy Ramadan or whatever”. 

There is not enough Preparation H in the world to fix this drama queen’s problems.



  1. Awwww, he’s just trying to be inclusive, ain’t that sweet?

  2. I forgot that Islam is above reproach and the only religions that can be safely mocked and hated are Christianity and Judaism. What was that other twit’s name? The D-list celebrity, yeah that one, the idiot one.

    Too many idiots to keep track of without a score card though.

  3. And come Christmas, the generic “Happy Holidays” will be the norm. God forbid Christians have a Merry Christmas!

    “This fucking asshole needs to have an accident.” — that’s a classic line that only you could write. I love it.

  4. Shep gives me the kind of vibe that, if I ran in to him somewhere, I would bitchslap him on sight. Such a sphincter-boy.

  5. Even before his hysterical performance with the Katrina coverage he irritated me. Once he melted down on air and berated a state police officer for not immediately heading to some overpass and telling the people where to go, I lost all patience with him. He was on the damn overpass, he could relay the information. But no, that would not provide the camera image of prissy little Shepard speaking truth to power.

    He’s a huge hemorrhoid — he’d be a perfect teammate for Keith Olberdouche.

  6. Well, cranky, I would find that a compliment. One was Rolling Stone’s Most Honest Man in Television (KO), the other was voted most trusted man in news (Shep). Both are great Americans.

    Enjoy your news from Sean Hannity and Rushbo.

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