Posted by: cranky | September 12, 2007

Queen Defends Britney

Hucking filarious.

Deal with him if you got a problem with Britney.  ‘Cause he’ll whip your ass.



  1. Yeah….no, no he won’t.

    We, at the Hostages were thinking he might be Ryan.

  2. A real drama queen. Did you catch any of his other YouTube videos? He flexes those spaghetti thin biceps of his and threatens to kick ass.

    Really hard to not laugh.

  3. I feel sorry for him.

  4. Is this what is meant by “Truth To Power”?

  5. Eddie, I’m not sure if it is truth. If he wasn’t so dramatic (or narcisstic is probably the more correct term) he might be taken somewhat seriously but I think it is all about, as he would say it, HIM.

    He’s getting his 15 minutes.

  6. That’s a “him”? Mmmm-kay….

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