Posted by: cranky | September 11, 2007

Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi — Whores

What lightweights and they’re the leaders of their party.  Two syphilitic whores.

They speak of the war in Iraq as the Republican’s war and Shepard Smith is on Fox News carrying their water.  Smith, paraphrasing “General Petraeus admits an average of [some number] of Americans have been killed.”  Emphasis mine.  Way to shape it to fit your viewpoint, you dick smoking douchenozzle drama queen.  Fox News has a chance if they jettison Smith and Rivera.

These defeatists commit borderline treason and continue their efforts to sustain the enemy.  “Exit strategy” is the Democrats phrase for we quit.  Traitors.  Quitters.  Unpatriotic fucks.



  1. No, let it out, Cranky. Don’t hold back, LOL.

  2. Has anyone bothered to inform these dolts, Iran can’t wait for us to leave so they can take over?

    Why in God’s name would The US allow that to happen?

  3. 😛

    I do tend to rant sometimes and switch over into blithering insanely-angry-guy.

    I don’t think Reid, Pelosi, and their fellow travelers care one whit about America. They care only for the Democrat party and their own power. Their insincerity and naked greed for power are plainly visible but so many choose to close their eyes to it because if they wish it were not so perhaps it will not be so.

    And these ass clowns had tea with the Syrian dicatator last week? I missed that. They need to be convicted of treason and put up against a wall and shot.

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