Posted by: cranky | September 9, 2007

Death of Europe

NiceDeb has a good post on the Islamification of Europe and a small push back planned for September 11, 2007 by native Europeans.

An example of attempted tyranny by the minority that we in America should pay attention to with the demand of immigrants, primarily illegal immigrants and their apologists, that we change our behavior and ways to accommodate our “guests”:

The AEL, which was founded in 2000 by a Lebanese-born political activist, was accused by a government anti-racism body in 2002 of inciting hatred. It has called for Arabic to be recognized as an official language in Belgium.  (emphasis mine)

Good luck Europe.  You are going to need all the luck you can gather.  You will either die or fight back.   I am not in favor of America making any sacrifice to help you — you’ve brought this on yourselves.  If you fight back I will wish you well.  If you will not fight back you will deserve what you receive.


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