Posted by: cranky | September 6, 2007

Keith Olberman — Worst Person in the NFL

The other people on the halftime show sure keep their distance from The Insane Douche.

Bionic Woman on NBC?  Another show to not watch.  Unless she’s really hot.

I haven’t watched NBC in almost six years.  What the fuck happened to these people?



  1. hi

  2. Hollywood has lost it. . . and the networks can’t recognize a good concept to save their stations, meanwhile USA and TNT and FX are cranking out some awesome shows.

    Something that I noticed though, there has always been a lefty tilt to most shows, but the drama’s are just ridiculous, and otherwise good shows are being destroyed because of ideology.

    Studio 60, could have been awesome, all they had to do was stop with the liberal insanity and hatred.

    ER, a show that was okay, though I didn’t watch it much, has become nothing but an anti-bush anti-war platform spouting talking points in the most ridiculous of settings.

    Some of the sitcoms are still good, what with Earl, and Scrubs and The Office, I’m iffy on 30rock, but there’s a lot of funny in that show.

    Of course the Law and Orders are still good (except for CI, which jumped the shark (I hate that term) with the arch villain thing)

    Not to mention the gold standard of entertainment has fallen on it’s ass with SNL.

  3. I like Scrubs but I have seen them throw in some liberal crap like blaming Karl Rove for this, that, and the other thing. I hate that type of stuff — it is pandering, trite, and just plain fucking stupid. I like Earl and its characters. The Office not so much and 30 Rock I won’t watch because of the libtards it is infested with — I wish the cast ill.

    When I got back from my assignment to Turkey in 1975, SNL was beginning its first season. Pretty damn funny then. Been pretty much down hill since.

    Good shows: NCIS, The Unit (any show where terrorists are shown as terrorists and get killed because of it is a good show), Numbers. And Jericho too, although they’ve gone with the easy Rovian plot with DHS being behind the nuclear attacks on the US. Forget that part of it and the rest is really interesting.

    UFC and football. Hoo-fricking-ray for football season. Last night Lousiville and Middle Tennessee put up about a mile of total offense between them — 5 TDs in the first five minutes. I suppose the defenses thought it was touch football except for that one stop on the Louisville receiver on about the 2-yard line, he got jacked on that hit.

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