Posted by: cranky | September 3, 2007


How long before this show caves in?

I don’t think the premise of the commercial can carry over into 22+ minutes of sitcom.



  1. I have the over/under on this show getting the axe at 3

  2. It will make six, and be cut mid season after the slowsky’s christmas special.

  3. ABC’s video interface sucks ass.

  4. About the only thing I like on ABC is According to Jim and that mostly has to do with Courtney Thorne-Smith (who can give Jennifer Anniston a real run for the money when it comes to determining the lake water temperature) and Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

    Speaking of whom, her husband keeps putting Jason Alexander in his videos and the latest one has Jason Alexander and ‘Marcia Brady’.

    I’m with Eddie on this one. They might make it to four shows but it will never last six. Plus they’re going up against NCIS which means I will never see Cavemen or anything else any network might show on Tuesday ’cause you got NCIS followed by The Unit.

  5. Really, who has so much time on their hands, that they would actually watch crapola like this?

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