Posted by: cranky | August 27, 2007

Fox & Friends Idiots & Snooty Hillary!

According to Gretchen Carlson most flood damage occurs in areas not afflicted by floods.  WTF?

What is it with Hillary! Clinton her head tilted back, chin and nose lifted into the air, phony smile when a camera is present?  Could she possibly be more phony?



  1. I couldn’t get the link to work, Cranky.

  2. Well, I fubared it. I think the Hillary! link was at Fox but I’m probably wrong. New computer has me confused. Nothing new there.

  3. FNC made a mistake running E.D. Hill off the morning show.

  4. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I had a link just another one of my not well thought out opinion of something I saw on Fox. I don’t watch anything else but those folks really can work on one of my nerves.

    E.D. had her dumb moments, but she had far fewer than any of the bunch they have now.

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