Posted by: cranky | August 25, 2007


Because I don’t believe UPI will post my comment I am reproducing it here.  Max Cleland, former Democratic senator from Georgia, made the Democrat’s response to President Bush’s weekly radio address.    The Democrats would intentionally weaken the country in order to recapture the White House.  That is a course of action embraced by too many in their party and it is beneath being despicable. 

Democrats:  The Party of Quitters.  That core philosophy of the Democratic Party, quit if it gets hard, is the primary reason I quit the Democratic Party.  From Johnson to Carter to Clinton the Democratic Party has been a disaster for this country.  Their front runners in the run-up to the primaries are even worse: a hysteric paranoid and an empty suit.

I now find it hard to believe that I ever voted for any of these Democratic fucks.  Democrats are like a six-pack of beer to an alcoholic; six are not enough and one is too many.  Which is, honestly, a fucked up analogy.  But let’s just say they are a cluster fuck of a political party with Kos and Soros pulling their strings to open their mouths while they all line up for a facial money shot.


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