Posted by: cranky | August 25, 2007

Hillary! Didn’t Handle Bill and John Edwards is the Turd Floating in the Pool

“There are circumstances beyond our control, and I think I am better able to handle things I have no control over,” she said.

Perhaps if she had handled her husband Bill’s penis she would have had some control.  But apparently that isn’t the way she rolls.

More John Edwards gold at the above link:

“If we’re talking about America being attacked, the last thing we should do is be engaged in political calculation,” he said.  

Of course I believe John Edwards would never make a political calculation about the security of America.  Afterall, he’s a trial lawyer who made millions inventing medical malpractice claims like blaming doctors for delivering babies with cerebral palsy

And fire won’t melt steel.  Rosie said so.  Google it!


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