Posted by: cranky | August 10, 2007

Hillary! lies again

Clinton went on to champion Medicare, but criticize the U.S. as the only “advanced country” to have “so many of its citizens without health care.”

If she was a truthful person she would retract that statement.  Okay, we all know that won’t happen.  The lie is that these citizens are not without health care — they may not have health insurance but they get health care.  Have you been to an emergency room lately, Hillary?  You’ll find all sorts of people there who are getting their health care from their primary care manager, the hospital emergency room.  It is also interesting the number of people in the emergency room who are most likely illegal immigrants getting their health care on our tax dollars.

At the first link ( even Kos criticizes Hillary as a “leader who fails to lead.”  Ha ha ha.


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