Posted by: cranky | August 5, 2007

Win by 8 after being behind by 1

What can other golfers think of Tiger Woods but, “Fuck me.

 One back at the beginning of the day he shoots a 5-under par 65 to win by 8 shots.

 And a wee story involving Feherty, Tiger and Ernie!

“18th Fairway at Firestone Country Club- Tiger and Ernie are tied- Tiger pops a three-wood 40 yards behind Ernie into wet, nasty, horrible, six inch rough. Tiger’s ball is truly buried. Tiger’s got 184 yards with two big red oaks overhanging the green. With a stick of dynamite I might be able to move the ball 50 yards. Steve Williams tells me that he’s using a pitching wedge. Tiger takes his swing. Every muscle in his body is flung at the ball .It looks like he’s torn his friggin’ nutsack. The f**k*g divot went as far as I could hit the ball………!
The ball sails over the trees, lands behind the hole and backs up to six feet from the flag. I open my microphone and Ernie turns and says, ‘Fuck me!’
My producer asks, ‘Was that Ernie?’
I say, ‘Yes’.

He says, ‘Fair enough’.

This is the second best player in the world talking, and you wanna know how good Tiger is? Ask Ernie Els!”


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