Posted by: cranky | August 5, 2007

Men of Indeterminate Origin

I got the important Info Alert from NiceDeb.

Two men of indeterminate origin held by police in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

Lieutenant Vince Lombard of the Berkeley County sheriff’s department says the men face a charge of unlawful possession of an explosive device.

I’m gonna taking a scientific Wild Ass Guess™ that they’re from the Middle East and just may be Muslims.

Two military installations are in the area:  Charleston AFB and the Charleston Naval Complex.

Reports say the men were stopped as they travelled west on Highway 176.  Highway 176 runs into Interstate 95.  Taking another Wild Ass Guess™ that they were headed north on Interstate 95.  Why would they detour into Charleston, with suspicious items in their car, and then take a secondary road back to Interstate 95? 

Where they a jihadi patrol sent out as bait to test the response of local authorities?  Even if they were, in fact, a patrol sent out to intentionally be caught I am sure our government and main stream media, in pursuit of their common goal of being politically correct, will tell us nothing of the men’s country of origin or that these men might be intent on attacking a military installation.

NiceDeb is all over it.  Check her out (an no, I don’t mean check her out that she’s hot even if she really is hot).


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