Posted by: cranky | August 5, 2007

Democrat Presidential Candidates Booed…

by mostly liberal bloggers at the Yearly Kos Convention.  Wait a minute!  Mostly liberal bloggers at the Yearly Kos Convention? Let me fix that for you Mostly liberal  batshit crazy moonbat socialist pinko bloggers at the Yearly Kos Convention.  Who else would attend the Yearly Kos Convention but batshit crazy liberals?

“Hillary Clinton made clear that she intends to continue taking Washington lobbyist money,” Edwards said. “Listen, you can run a serious, good campaign without Washington lobbyist money but you can’t run a clean government with Washington lobbyist money.” John Edwards

Sorry, John, you can’t have a clean government with a trial lawyer who invented science to make his millions as President.  See also Clinton, William Jefferson, disbarred lawyer.

Bill Richardson flip-flops on his previous notion that Byron “Whizzer” White was a good Supreme Court justice when he learned that Justice White dissented on a woman’s “constitutional right” to abortion.

“I screwed up on that one,” he said to applause, after it was noted that White was a dissenter on the landmark Roe vs. Wade case that legalized the right of women to undergo an abortion.

Bill, have you always been such a whore?

If these assholes want to argue that enemy unlawful combatants have rights under our constitution, why wouldn’t an unborn child have the same constitutional rights?  You know, Democrats, try to be philosophically consistent.

‘We need a new doctrine of strength through peace that will elevate the condition of America so that we can be the light of the world again.’

–Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio

Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, you fucking mental midget.  Peace through strength works, not the other way around.  See Reagan, Ronald.



  1. Tell it!

  2. You mean Dennis “I will create a Department of Peace” strike that, “I will create a Department of Pacifism” Kucinich? Why, wooda thunk it?! 😉

  3. He’s a loser.

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