Posted by: cranky | July 20, 2007

Storm Clouds

I can remember summer days laying in the grass in front of my grandmother’s house and looking at the clouds to find imaginary figures.  That one looks like our dog, or that one looks like President Eisenhower.  I have always loved looking at the sky and its wonders.


These clouds look like they are looking for someplace to dump some rain.  Right here would be nice.



  1. Where I’m from, if we laid on the lawn (we did have one) and looked at the clouds, our general attitude was “thats from lever brothers,” or “Inland must be venting some steam.” It was only when we went to the beach or dunes, that we would play that game.

  2. Being a kid was a pretty good time. Then we become all in a hurry to grow up and that is a little bit sad.

    Me and my brother (we lived fairly far out in the country) played baseball against each other since there weren’t a lot of other kids any closer than a half mile away. One tree was the pitching mound, another was first base, second was behind the mound, and third base was another tree. Catch it in the air was an out, of course. Ground ball you could get a force by touching the bag. Or you could throw the ball at the base runner — if you hit him, he was out.

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