Posted by: cranky | July 15, 2007

Muslims: Don’t Want to be Discriminated Against?

You are a Muslim.  Everytime there is a suicide bombing, a terror attack on an airport, the beheading of a hostage, people look at you funny.  They stare.  They wonder if they are your next intended victim.

Want to stop this type of response?

Stop bombing, attacking, beheading and all that other shit many of the adherents of your religion advocate doing to people who don’t believe as you do.  Start condemning those who commit these acts.  Clean your house.

If you cannot, or will not, follow the advice in the preceding paragraph then FOAD.



  1. You know, under the circumstances, I don’t know how an honest moderate Muslim can blame us if we view them with suspicion.

    If they try to claim it’s ignorance on our part, to feel that way, I have to call B.S!

    Ignorance is bliss….this aint ignorance. It’s a wariness…based on knowledge of recent history.

    So don’t give me the “ignorant ” crap. I don’t want to hear it.

    They shouldn’t blame the problems in Islam on outsiders. They should look inside, and like you said, clean house.

  2. to quote seth meyer, “also creating a negative image of islam?


  3. I can’t remember who, but a few years ago I heard a black comedian tell a story about some horrific crime being committed and his relief that it turned out some white guy had committted the crime.

    Don’t seem to get that same sentiment from Muslims.

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