Posted by: cranky | July 13, 2007

Faith and Politics

God Bless NiceDeb:  And there’s always a better candidate available when a Democrat is involved.

She will probably make the Democrats cry.  NiceDeb is mean.




  1. Oh, come on…it’s the TRUTH, isn’t it?

    I am mean, aren’t I?

  2. It is the truth. Democrats and liberals have a seemingly genetic predeliction to talk down to people as if they were their [the Democrats’] lessers.

    Wickedpinto swears you’re mean. So if he says it, it must be a TRUE STORY!

    Now they’re sending me to a neurologist. Had an MRI last week. Ringing in my ear is now on its 8th day. And joy of joys, on Tuesday I get a colonostopy.

  3. 8 days of ringing in the ears? Oh, that must be driving you crazy, and then a colonostopy, you poor thing!

  4. “Faith Outreach Advisor” — One who advises on how to best reach into the pockets of the faithful.

  5. Purple! Best definition evah!

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