Posted by: cranky | July 10, 2007

Stormy Weather

Having a bit of a thunderstorm tonight.  Thought this looked neat.




  1. Hey Cranky, You DID survive the storm, didn’t you?

  2. Oh yeah. I love the looks of those things but being in them is something else.

    Yesterday I had to get an MRI on my noggin and the doc prescribed some anti-anxiety stuff for me to take before I got in the machine. So a buddy of mine is driving me to the MRI place. As we leave my house and go a few hundred yards there is this vicious bolt of lightning that comes down about a mile north of us but it looks like it is right on top of us. Awesome stuff.

    Valium and a whole bunch of prayers (103 to be exact — I kept count) got me through the MRI adventure. Still don’t know what’s wrong. A ringing in my left ear began last Friday and is still going strong. Kind of makes it hard to sleep much when it always sounds like the phone is ringing. Telemarketers weren’t this bad.

    Love what you’re doing with your blog, Deb. Always interesting, serious, and fun too.

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