Posted by: cranky | July 7, 2007

Tornado Warning

I hate these things.  Getting kind of noisy with the thunder.  Most of this is near Selma, about 40 miles away, right now but headed this way.

Montgomery Weather July 7, 2007 1600 



  1. Live tornado blogging, I love it! I hope your computer’s in your basement.

    Stay safe!

  2. We’ll see what this afternoon’s storms bring. No basement, just a concrete slab waiting to be swept clean.

  3. I take it you survived?

    When was that real bastard of a storm that ripped through Alabama and Georgia… I want to say it started tearing shit up around Birmingham?

    Oh, and you’ll be comforted to know that if it’s an F5, they won’t find your concrete slab either. The one that hit Jarrell a few years ago pulverized the slabs and pulled up the plumbing from 30+ homes. There was nothing left.

  4. Still here. Some trees went down in my neighborhood and this was only billed as a severe thunderstorm. If I ever build a new home I’m putting in a shelter, preferrably underground. Everytime those sirens start up I get nervous.

    Couple years ago around Easter up near Birmingham. Bad one went through there. I believie it hit a church too. Very sad.

    Years ago I trained my dogs to get in the tub. They sense the weather is getting bad or the sirens start up, they climb in the tub. They’re smarter than me.

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