Posted by: cranky | June 27, 2007

cranky’s in the house

I’ll be leaving my domain at Balance Sheet and moving in here over the next few months.  So go check out Nice Deb who has been patient with me when she couldn’t comment at what is now the old but still active site.  And congratulate her daughter for being a champion Irish dancer.



  1. Let’s see if it will put up an avatar?

  2. Awww, thanks, Cranky.

  3. Nice place, Cranky. Don’t lose all the old jokes!

  4. Thanks ladies. I’m trying to see if I can export the old stuff and then import it here. Wow! Five hits already.


  6. Don’t listen to him.

    He’s just jealous because you’re getting all the chick sympathy now because of your accident.

    His knee healed ages ago. Sour grapes.

  7. Oh my aching back. I like chick sympathy. Did I mention the pain in my knee and how my left arm is numb? Can I have some soup with my sympathy?

    How come’s my avatar thingy isn’t showing up?

    Booger this, you big booger Dave! 😛

  8. lol.

  9. Hey…looks like you got it.

    Who’s that supposed to be?

  10. That is Charles Lane, a character actor who frequently played cranky neighbors. He also happened to be an accountant before he took up acting.

    Patience thy name ain’t cranky. I hope I am a good neighbor and usually I am in a good mood. I have much to be thankful for and to be happy about.

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